Audience Members Boo Mila Kunis For Her Opinion On New York City Pizza On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Refrain from consulting Mila Kunis for advice regarding where to find the best pizza in New York City if you are trying to find such pizza.

The 39-year-old star of Luckiest Girl Alive recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she had a tense discussion about the pizza she likes best with the primarily New York City-based audience of the talk show, which usually films in Los Angeles but was taped in Brooklyn for a week.

After only three minutes of the interview, the rowdy audience began to boo Kunis after she confessed that she was not originally from New York. What exactly is wrong with your target demographic? She asked him with a chuckle as he was hosting Jimmy Kimmel. She informed the audience that it was very New York for them. Typical of New York. I am truly sorry!

After that, Kimmel, 54, inquired of Kunis regarding her place of origin, and when she stated that she was from Ukraine, the audience exploded into cheers.

When it was reported that the voice actor for Family Guy hadn’t eaten any pizza during her first trip to New York City after migrating to the United States, the “boos” came back in full force. This audience is exciting. She said to Kimmel that she was having a good time.

I never had pizza in New York, but while growing up, my father delivered pizzas, but in Los Angeles, I heard more “boos,” Kunis added. That’s not very nice! But, guys, Los Angeles, offers some great pizzas!

After that, the celebrity looked at Kimmel and stated, “But there’s more to this tale just to get another boo.” It was a pizza from Domino’s. As Kunis and Kimmel began to chuckle, the audience laughed.

Kunis ultimately confessed to the late-night presenter that she was not a pizza fan. Boo, boo! I get it! I have to get out of here! She then pretended to leave the platform while making the statement.

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