Being Considered A Fashion Icon: Ella Emhoff, Stepdaughter Of Kamala Harris

Ella Emhoff, the daughter of Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, is adjusting to her new position as an icon.

At the 2022 Harper’s Bazaar Icons & Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary gala on Friday, the 21-year-old chatted exclusively with PEOPLE. Ella was designated an icon by the publication, designating her as a young person whose thoughts and artistic creations are having an impact on the globe.

Emhoff told PEOPLE that she is honored and is taking the distinction seriously. She described it as somewhat surprising. This is a remarkable honor, and as someone who doesn’t really view themselves in that way, it’s comforting to hear. And challenges my self-perception, which is fascinating. Emhoff claimed that despite this, it hasn’t completely sunk in that she is a style icon.

She said, “I do know the position, and it’s so amazing, and I’m very grateful. Nevertheless, for some reason, I feel as though I’m viewing myself from the outside, as though it was a very interesting moment that I will never forget. It’s also thrilling. Every day, it seems to become more real to me. It takes a while.

Emhoff claimed that her career in fashion is unfocused and that she wants to collaborate with those she finds inspirational at the time.

Therefore, what I like now might not be what I like next season, Emhoff added. I enjoy the process and the travel most, and I’ve already had the honor of walking for several fantastic designers, including Miu Miu, Balenciaga, and Proenza, who are already above and above my list of must-haves.

Emhoff, a recent graduate of the esteemed Parsons School of Design, where she majored in fine arts with a specialization in garments and textiles, said she is leaving her future plans “loose” and open. Emhoff stated that preventing stress is a top goal and that she is trying not to put too much pressure on the future.

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