Bella Hadid found an archival midi that will definitely not be hot

Bella Hadid loves things from the archives of fashion houses. The model appears in them not only on the red carpet but also in everyday life.

Bella herself has repeatedly admitted that she often visits second-hand shops and flea markets.

The other day, Bella staged a presentation of a new non-alcoholic soda Kin Euphorics. Back in the fall of last year, the star invested in a brand of adaptogenic drinks and became a brand partner.

And the company at the event was model Lori Harvey and her father, Mohammed Hadid.

For the party, Bella chose an image in the style of zero. The model wore a vintage Roberto Cavalli pink satin dress with a floral print.

Thanks to the satin fabric, this dress will not be hot even on a sunny day. A black baguette bag and quirky Loewe rose-heeled sandals completed the look.

Massive Versace earrings and ring rings were the final touches of the bow. A pink transfer tattoo on the shoulder in the form of a butterfly was the final touch of the outfit.

Bella also wore pink makeup and left her hair loose, pinning the top strands with a black ribbon. In her hands, of course, the model carried the new Kin Euphorics soda.

Steve Harvey’s 25-year-old daughter turned her head in a vintage Cavalli cord that included a busty corset top and tapered trousers.

Lori walked into the Fleur room, the only cocktail lounge for a reservation where Bella was launching, in a pair of white heels.

Lori shared some party documents on her Instagram story, including a short clip of Kin cans on display.

Bella shared a warm hug with her father, Mohammed, and shared some laughter with her older half-sisters, Marielle Hadid and Alana Hadid.

Muhammad, 73, looked stylish in a black blazer with white pants and a white button-down shirt.

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