Bella Hadid has lost so much weight that now her jeans are held only by two belts at once

Boyfriend jeans have been in fashion for a long time; they are in the wardrobe of almost every girl.

Due to the free cut, they sit comfortably and, at the same time, look impressive on the female figure.

However, with Bella Hadid , the ample amount of her favorite denim pair played a cruel joke: because the girl had lost a lot of weight in recent months, her jeans began to hang on her.

The supermodel did not lose her head and applied a life hack from the spring-summer show of Saint Laurent : instead of one belt, she put on two at once, securely fastening the jeans at the waist.

Bella also tucked a thick gray shirt into her belt, and under it, she put on a tight-fitting white T-shirt, from the neckline of which one could see contrasting black underwear.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to notice how this technique from the category of fashionable taboos migrated to hot trends.

The model went to dinner at the New York club Zero Bond on June 17. And she was accompanied by Yolanda Hadid and her boyfriend, Joseph Gingoli. 

Extending the candy around her waist, Bella slipped her black and white gingham button into her gray-washed jeans and a white tank top with a black lace bra peeking out. He was approached with a black leather shoulder bag, pointed-toe shoes, and small sunglasses.

Her blonde hair was pulled back into a dirty updo with the middle part, revealing the fringe of her new eyebrows.

Earlier this month, people were talking about another form of Bella. For a cocktail party at Fendi’s latest flagship store in Manhattan, the model paired a printed top with a matching low-rise pencil skirt that highlighted her exposed thong and platform sandals with socks.  Two trends that are rapidly returning. It’s just called Bella Effect.




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