Bill Gates’s youngest daughter posts romantic photo with alleged boyfriend-but fans are pissed off

Despite the fact that Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, his children prefer to live ordinary lives and try to attract as little attention to themselves as possible.

At least that was the case until recently. Now, the youngest daughter of Bill and Melinda, Phoebe, is increasingly appearing on the media radar.

First, she attended a Time magazine social event with her father, where she shone in a luxurious dress sitting on her chiseled figure.

A little later, Phoebe, who actively maintains her blog on the Web, spoke out about the abolition of abortion. And now, it has again attracted the attention of Internet users. True, this time, haters visited the Gates page.

The other day, the girl published a new photo on her blog in which she was captured with her alleged boyfriend. The followers made such a conclusion because of the picture itself and the accompanying emoji in the form of hearts.

And while some followers wondered what connects Phoebe with a young man, others began to leave rather unpleasant and racist comments on the girl’s page.

The billionaire – one of the world’s richest men with an estimated value of $123.7 billion – announced at a 2014 TED conference in Canada that he would leave most of his wealth to his family.

However, that hasn’t stopped social media users from giving bitter advice about Phoebe’s rumored new romance – with many urging the unknown girl to ‘get her pregnant, while others are jokingly saying that she Has ‘saved the bag.’

“How to become a millionaire in a minute? Have an affair with the daughter of Bill Gates” “She understands that he only needs her father’s money,” “I wonder how Gates will react to all this?” haters are surprised.

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