Billionaire Status; Tiger Woods Finally Makes His Place Among The Two Other Athletes To Reach It

Tiger Woods is one of the most prominent athletes in the world and definitely the biggest star that the world of golf has ever produced. Some more passionate fans may even hold the Golf legend responsible for breaking the sport into the mainstream world, but whether you agree or disagree with that statement, Tiger Woods’ impact on the sporting world is undeniable.

For quite a while, Woods has been one of the highest paid athletes in the world, often being referenced in pop culture as such. Golf  hasn’t been the only income source for the athlete though. Wood has partnered with many brands and made many good investments throughout his career to enjoy the level of financial success that he does.

Hence, after years of hard work and smart choices, the athlete has finally been evaluated as a Billionaire by Forbes. Tiger Woods is among the only 3 athletes to have ever achieved this status, the other two being basketball stars, Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

Tiger Woods has been evaluated to be raking in a yearly salary of at least $1.7 billion while his total net worth has been evaluated by Forbes to be definitely about $1 billion. This news comes only a week after the billionaire status of Lebron James was announced who despite sharing the title with Michael Jordan, is currently the only ACTIVE player of the NBA to achieve billionaire status.

Woods’ wealth was examined and it was revealed the wealth from actually playing golf is only 10% of the athlete’s total net worth. The rest of his wealth is credited to his intelligent choices when it came to endorsement deals with huge brands such as Nike, Gatorade, Rolex, Monster Energy, and TaylorMade.

Even in a recent news, Woods’ turned down an offer to play in Golf Tour backed by Saudia which paid a decent sum. The reason for turning down the opportunity remain unknown but it is clear that the golf star will not suffer in any way from it. The 46 year old continues to enjoy a life of luxury hard earned over a long and possibly the most glorious career in sports of all time.


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