BiP’s Jacob Rapini Pens Note to Jill Chin After Split

Admitting his faults. Jacob Rapini is taking the blame for his latest split from fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Jill Chin.

“You were the right person at the wrong time,” Rapini, 28, wrote in a letter to the 27-year-old shared via Instagram on Friday, December 2.

“You gave 100% while I gave 80,” he continued. “You pushed me to look for quality work, change my schedule, and focus on my family instead of hollow relationships. You asked for better communication while I was lacking. You showed up when I didn’t. Trust was lost.”

Bachelor Nation watched as sparks flew during an October episode of BiP. However, their brief relationship failed the “split week” test when Rapini left Chin for Kate Gallivan. Watching their early days as the season aired on ABC led the two to reconnect.

“After our one-on-one aired, we were like, ‘Oh, we’re catching the feelings again!’ And then we started talking more and more,” Chin told Natasha Parker and Joe Amabile on the Thursday, December 1, episode of the “Click Bait” podcast. “And then about three weeks before the reunion, we decided that we probably wanted to give this a shot, so we were just going to talk and try it out.”

However one week after publicly announcing they were back together at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, the pair called it quits.

“I had to do what was best for myself,” the architectural historian added while on the podcast. “And there’s just a line and, like, standards that you have for yourself that you just can’t allow people to cross. I don’t have any ill will. I don’t wish bad things.”

Chin concluded: “I think I will leave it at — the trust had been broken. And that in a long-distance relationship, you need communication and trust, and we had neither of those things.”

Rapini took full responsibility in his message, noting that their long distance romance was made all the more difficult by his emotional immaturity.

“Yes, distance was a big factor for me. Being 2,000 miles away comes with its share of challenges but that wasn’t the main reason. It was readiness of commitment. I appreciate you making me recognize this at the cost of you trying to make it work,” the Arizona native explained on Friday.

“We had talked before the reunion and we were both open to giving it a go. At the reunion, I wanted to show you a glorious moment to somehow undo the pain I caused in Mexico,” he added. “But it isn’t about the big moments. It’s about the little things. I wasn’t there to give you my whole heart because of my insecurities. I have a lot of refinement to do before I can mentally and spiritually be there.”

He concluded: “You deserve to be loved. Right now, I deserve to be alone. Jill, good luck on your journey angel🖤.”

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