Cameron Diaz to return to Netflix comedy with Jamie Foxx

Cameron Diaz has officially joined Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, and all those other celebrities who have been talking about retirement but are re-entering the industry.

In other words: Diaz is back in the ranks. The actress is set to star alongside Jamie Foxx in the aptly titled Netflix comedy Back in Business.

The project also marks a Hollywood reunion between Diaz and Fox, who previously worked together on the 1999 sports drama Any Sunday and the 2014 musical remake of Annie.

Foxx already broke the good news on Twitter, sharing an audio recording of a phone call with Cameron.
“I’m excited, but I don’t know how to do it, you know?” Diaz admits to his colleague.

And Fox invites Tom Brady to cheer her up (Brady famously announced his retirement earlier this year, only to change his mind 40 days later). “I was talking to Jaime, and he said you need some advice on how not to retire,” Brady says in the recording.

“I, for example, do not retire relatively successfully .” Fox tweeted, “Cameron, I hope you’re not mad that I recorded this, but there’s no going back now. Production will start later this year!

Cameron Diaz announced her retirement in 2018. In a 2020 interview, the actress met with Gwyneth Paltrow, who also retired from the industry, and explained why she left Hollywood.

“I just decided that I want something different in life,” Cameron said. “I’ve been working for so long, making films, and it’s such a routine. I didn’t really leave room for my personal life.”

And earlier this year, Diaz reflected on how much her life has changed since she quit appearing on the big screen and started her own organic grape wine company, Avaline.

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