Cameron Diaz’s Birthday Party, As Organized By Husband Benji Madden, Is Revealed

The Bad Teacher star, who will appear on the Rachael Ray Show on September 26, shared a sneak peek of her upcoming interview with the host, revealing that her husband, actor James Madden (43), helped prepare her star-studded 50th birthday celebration, which took place last month.

And when we initially met, during our first year together, he threw me three surprise birthday parties for one birthday, Diaz, who is 50 years old, recalled. She said she joked with Madden and asked him to please stop doing this to her.

She said, ” This year, because it was my 50th birthday, he was very much like, We have to do something, and I couldn’t agree to do anything with him.

The question that he is asking is, “So, what are we doing for your birthday?” she added that she could feel the anxiety building up on his face around a week before the event, and her response was, “Let me get back to you.” He was exerting a lot of effort, but I could tell that he was becoming increasingly anxious.

She said that ultimately, we decided to have dinner with a group of friends who had unexpectedly arrived in town, and we did so in the spirit of having a lovely, relaxing meal. It was a wonderful experience.

PEOPLE have been informed by a source that…. The former star of Charlie’s Angels marked a significant birthday on August 30 by having a party at Nobu in Malibu. Her husband, Madden, Adele, sister-in-law Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana, her co-star from The Other Woman, Leslie Mann, and Mann’s husband, Judd Apatow, were all present in a private part of the restaurant for the occasion to celebrate her special day with her.

Cameron was a fantastic person. According to the individual who knew her then, she had a great time spending her birthday with her friends and family. She was giggling and having a good time with herself. She continued hugging Benji and her buddies. They continued to party for many hours.

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