Camila Mendes Gets Candid About Managing Her Anxiety Ahead Of The ‘Riverdale’ Series Finale

Like any actor hoping to have a long-lasting career, Camila Mendes has garnered a significant net worth and parlayed her “Riverdale” fame into other acting gigs. As Porter points out, Mendes just wrapped up two new projects and boasts an impressive 27 million followers on Instagram, where she regularly engages with her fans. However, Mendes’ penchant for working and staying visible doesn’t stem from a desire to never rest. It’s the unknown of her future in acting after the hit show ends. “I don’t keep myself busy because I don’t like being idle; I keep myself busy because I have anxiety about my career,” Mendes shared during her cover story. “I’ve always been in that frame of mind,” she continued, adding, “I understand that this industry is so fickle. Fame is fleeting. You can be successful, but you’re only as good as your last thing.”

This isn’t the first time that Mendes has spoken about her mental health. While speaking with New Beauty in March 2021, Mendes spoke out about her history of anxiety. “Yeah, I’ve been having more anxiety this year than I ever have had in the past,” she said. To help combat her anxiety, the actor started meditating. “I’ll try to take 10 minutes in my trailer to just do some breathing exercises and recenter my focus,” she revealed.

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