Cannes Film Festival winners announced

The “Palme d’Or” winner at the 75th Cannes Film Festival was the film by the Swedish director Ruben Östlund “Triangle of Sorrow.” The event is broadcast on the website of the film screening.

His tape is dedicated to the world of fashion. The picture received high marks from reviewers “for reckless humor.”
South Korean actor Song Kang-ho won the Best Actor Award at Cannes. He played the lead role in the South Korean film The Broker, directed by Hirokazu Kore-Eda.
Iranian actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi won the Best Actress award. She starred in the film “Holy Spider” by Iranian director Ali Abbasi, in which she has the main role.

And the Grand Prix at the festival was awarded to the Belgian film Close (dir. Lucas Don’t) and the American film Stars at Noon (dir. Claire Denis). The Italian film Eight Mountains (dir. Charlotte Vandermeersch) and the Polish film Eeyore (dir. Jerzy Skolimowski) shared the Special Jury Prize at Cannes.

Earlier it was reported that in 2022 at the Cannes Film Festival, a record was set for the number of female directors participating in the film review competition. In 2022, the Cannes Film Festival set a record for the number of female directors participating in the Film Review competition. This has been reported by Variety.

After many scandals and heated public debates that the Central European Film Festival does not have enough representation of directors in favor of these male directors, the number of female participants in the festival has increased. At the same time, the magazine clarified that “out of the 21 participants in the main event of the current record festival, only 5 are female directors. That is less than a quarter. In 2022, Iris Knobloch, former head of the French division of Warner Bros.

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