Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Has She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Director Kat Coiro Excited

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is the latest in what is already a long line of TV Series released by Marvel on the streaming service Disney+ and the show is gearing up to be possibly the best Marvel series yet. The series will be featuring a barrage of interesting characters, including Bruce Banner/Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk played by Tatiana Maslany, Emil Blonsky/Abomination played by Tim Roth and now confirmed in the show’s latest trailer, Matt Murdock/Daredevil played Charlie Cox .

It is that last name on the list that has gotten fans extraordinarily excited about the show. However, it seems that the excitement is not limited to the fans, as people associated with the show have repeatedly expressed how exciting it is to have Charlie Cox’s Daredevil on board. The Director of the upcoming series, Kat Coiro, has revealed in an interview with EW that she is incredibly relieved that the trailer footage is out and fans know that Daredevil is in the show because she was having a hard time keeping the appearance a secret due to her sheer excitement. Her exact comments on the matter were as follows:

“Can I tell you how excited I was when the audience was able to see that and I realized that I did not have to keep that secret anymore? Yes, Daredevil is in the show. I mean, how can you have a legal comedy and not have Daredevil come into it? They match each other’s wits, is what I can say. I am definitely excited for Daredevil to make his appearance, because I think he’s going to be a crowd favorite. But I can’t tell you anything else about that. The Marvel police is a real thing and I don’t want to get arrested by them.”

Directo Kat makes a point when she says that Marvel simply cannot make a show surrounding legal issues and not have Matt Murdock be a part of it as he is just as impeccable a lawyer as he is a vigilante. In fact, as soon as it was announced that She-Hulk would be a legal comedy, speculation about Daredevil’s appearance in the show began almost immediately.

The show’s lead, Tatiana Maslany has also expressed her excitement at getting to work with Charlie Cox and has stated very clearly that fans will be happy with the end product of Daredevil’s end product in the show. The show begins streaming on Disney+ on the 17th of August.

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