Chelsea Handler Feels She Could Only Do So Much For Jo Koy Before Their Breakup

Chelsea Handler is a famous American Tv comedian and actress. She’s been in a few movies and shows and a lot of people appreciate her acting talents because of how determined she is. Jo Koy is also a fellow comedian who is known for making amazing jokes and having an incredible sense of humor.

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy began dating in 2021 but recently have broken up. The news of their breakup has devastated many of their fans. After a long time of silence on the matter, Chelsea Handler has finally spoken up about how she feels.

The couple was meant to appear on the podcast “We Can Do Hard Things” by Glennon Doyle on the episode “On Breaking Up & Being Unbreakable”. However, only Chelsea Handler attended the podcast show. On the podcast, she was asked how she was doing and she said that she was doing okay and was feeling optimistic about the future. She was in tears after talking about how she was.

She also spoke up about how painful the breakup had been but she had been taking therapy to get through this hard time. She’s choosing to look at the situation in a positive sense and admitted that it was her who said that things were not working out between the two of them.

Although she is hurt by the impact, she’s also proud of herself for taking the mature route in her relationship. She stated that she was proud of herself for addressing the problem instead of ignoring it and distracting herself from the problem. She also said that she has been going to therapy for herself and leaning on her support system which consists of her family and friends.

Chelsea Handler spoke up about why the breakup happened. She said that if she had to choose someone, she would always choose herself. She explained that in previous relationships, she had always chosen her partners and lost a big part of her in the process.

She said that it was nice to compromise for the people you love and give them what they want. She said that she was grateful she had compromised for him however it was only so much that she could do before she had to choose herself. She said she did not regret it at all.

However, she is still in love with Jo Koy and hopes that time would be on their side one day. She’s asked fans to be hopeful as well.

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