Cher Reported Having A Miscarriage When She Was 18 Years Old

Every woman experiences times in her life when she wants to keep quiet. The vital reality that “you are not alone and we know your sentiments” can be realized, nevertheless, only with candor.

During her unsuccessful marriage to Sonny Bono, cult singer Cher spoke to the audience about her several miscarriages. As it turns out, the pop sensation had gone through as many as three miscarriages, with the first taking place when she was just 18 years old, a vulnerable and innocent age.

In our home, I was by myself. I was crying and ‘rocking on the floor when my husband Bono found me,” the singer explains on Twitter.

According to Cher, the girl “screamed in agony” after going to the doctor, causing medical personnel to hurry her to the hospital and take her right away to the surgery room.

She posed the rhetorical question, ” What will happen to me today? ” in reference to the Supreme Court’s decision against a woman’s right to an abortion.

Cher said that she “never considered” sharing her terrible pregnancy experience after a fan indicated she was unaware of it. “No woman in America is safe, not even mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, or best friends. Soon, no rational person will be secure, she continued.

The actress eventually tried her hand at motherhood, but Chaz Bono, her first child, was born when she was just 22 years old. Later, Cher gave birth to Elijah Blue Allman, who is now 46 years old. However, this time Gregg Allman, her second ex-husband, was the father.

But devoted followers are aware that the celebrity spoke up about her losses and attempts to conceive with Bono back in 2010.

Once it happened a third time, it was just a nightmare. People initially congratulated me on my pregnancy before declining to do so and then saying, “Oh, we’re so sorry.” God, I don’t want to hear this anymore, I thought, the vocalist remarked.

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