Chris Hemsworth Is A Proud Daddy As He Shows Off His Son’s Surfing Skills

Chris Hemsworth is one proud dad. The Thor actor recently took to Instagram to post a video and a picture of his son’s surfing skills where he did his first tube. Tube is a term that surfers use to describe the curve or barrel of the water that they surf inside of as the wave progresses. Needless to say Chris, who is an excellent surfer himself, was incredibly proud of his 8-year-old son.

The caption of the post reads as follows:

“My 8 year olds first ever tube! something he and I are gonna remember for ever! Amazing to see him attack it again and again and finally it all line up! 📷 massive thanks to @dingomorrison for pushing him in !@elke_mai 🎥 @juzmac Thanks @surf_lakes for another epic day! #visitcapricorn @jsindustries1”

Fans adored the father and son duo and the wholesome relation they share. Chris has two 8-year-old twin boys Sasha and Tristan but he didn’t specify which one it was who was ripping the waves a new one. Historically, Chris has maintained that Tristan is the more athletic one of the two.

It seems that the Hemsworths are having an amazing summer filled with outdoor activities with their children, as recently, Chris’s wife, Elsa Pataky also took to Instagram to show the horseback riding skills of their daughter India. Elsa who is excellent at horseback riding herself, joined her daughter on the course as the two competed at Valley & Rivers Show Jumping club.

Its no surprise that the Hemsworths would have incredibly outdoorsy and athletic kids since both Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky are peak specimens of physical health and take sports, working out and outdoor activities quite seriously.

Chris even has his own fitness app with excellent workout programs called Centr. Of course, if there is anyone people would want to follow as they venture into the gym to get their dream bod, its the God of Thunder who has the body of a Greek… correction… Norse God.


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