Criminal Charges Filed Against Chaka Zulu, Ludacris’s Manager

Longtime Ludacris manager and co-founder of his record company, Chaka Zulu, was charged with murder and arrested in June for a shooting that occurred in an Atlanta restaurant. Ludacris was in no way involved in the violence. PEOPLE has learned that the music mogul surrendered to authorities on Tuesday, as evidenced by publicly available documents.

After being arrested for murder, aggravated assault, and simple battery as well as for having a handgun or knife with the purpose to commit a felony, he posted bond the same day and was freed on $200,000. Zulu, whose real name is Ahmed Obafemi, is facing charges related to the fatal shooting of Artez Jamil Benton during a fight in June.

An attorney for Obafemi, Gabe Banks, told PEOPLE in a release that his client is unhappy with the choice to arrest him because he was forced to protect himself after being assaulted by a gang of at least four people.

Mr. Zulu is still recovering from the near-fatal injuries he endured that evening when he was shot in the back during the incident. Banks argues that since Mr. Zulu was at his place of business that night, Obafemi’s firing of his weapon in self-defense was perfectly legal because Obafemi is licensed to carry firearms.

Banks promise that his faith in the justice system to free Obafemi of all allegations has not wavered. Attorney Gabe Banks tells PEOPLE in a press that his client Obafemi is sad about the move to arrest him because he was forced to protect himself after being attacked by a gang of at least four people.

Mr. Zulu, who was wounded in the back and nearly killed during the shooting, is currently in the process of recovering from his injuries. Banks claims that Obafemi was within his rights to use deadly force in defending himself and his family when he shot and killed Mr. Zulu in the store where he was working that night.

Banks promise that he has faith that Obafemi’s name will be restored through the court process.

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