Dad, I Miss You So Much. Paul Sorvino, Who Passed Away Naturally At Age 83 Last Month, Was Mentioned In A Piece By His Daughter Mira Sorvino

The 54-year-old Academy Award winner opened up to her followers in a series of tweets earlier this week about coping with sadness following the death of her father, who was 83 when he passed away naturally last month.

I’m really sorry, Dad. In her debut tweet, Mira wrote. She said in a subsequent post, “My entire life, I had dreaded losing my parents. Part of it has now materialized.”

The actress continued, “I feel a great deal of sympathy for everyone who has lost parents. It unmoors you, places you in a situation for which you were unprepared, and robs you of the advice and love of the people you treasure the most.

Fans reacted to her openness by expressing their love and support for her as she shared her heartfelt tweets. “You all are so wonderful and generous!” Mira responded by tweeting.

There is genuine goodness in the world, she continued. I sense it and am living it hour by hour as unanticipated acts of kindness from strangers help me get through my sadness. This thread ties us all together. I’m grateful. On July 25, after learning of her father’s passing, Mira sent a touching homage to him on Twitter.

She stated at the time, “My father, the great Paul Sorvino, has departed.” “A life of love, laughter, and insight with him are over, and my heart is torn asunder. He was the best parent ever. I really do love him. Dad, I’m sending you to love as you climb through the stars.

Mira also posted a black square to her Instagram feed to express her sorrow. The photo drew sympathy comments from other users.

Love to you and your family, Rosie O’Donnell wrote. “Mira, I’m very sorry. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family. And restoration and affection,” said Brian Van Holt. Mira, I love you and your family,” Harold Perrineau said. Gilles Marini continued, “My sincere sympathies.”

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