Dane Cook Is Unfazed That His Fiancée Kelsi Taylor Is 27 Years Younger Than He Are

The comedian, who is 50 years old, mentioned that he and his fiancée, Kelsi Taylor, who is 23 years old, are at a point in their relationship where they can joke about the 27-year age gap between them.

It’s in the show, and it’s in the show, he told E! News on Wednesday, revealing that he has inserted a few gags about their age gap in his latest stand-up comedy special, which is titled Dane Cook: Above It All.

If we are unable to find humor in the situation, then no one else should either. In addition, he disclosed that Taylor had seen everything he had been working on for his show, which will premiere on Moment on Wednesday, and had asked him to maintain the gags that made fun of them in some way.

As a matter of fact, she may have even inspired a few more jokes, as he explained, “I was just trying some material out on her the other day where I was like, Hey, I think I have maybe my first what it’s like to be married joke.” In other words, she may have been the source of the inspiration for the jokes. Therefore, she was the only person to read it. After giving it a try, she provided her feedback, which was positive. That’s a pretty solid answer.

Cook disclosed in July that after they had been dating for five years, he had posed the question of marriage to Taylor.

I was incredibly prepared to ask her. Cook told People in August that she was “totally zen” about the situation. The evening of the proposal was breathtakingly lovely; the sky was clear, the breeze was just right, and the sunset was a sight to behold. I felt nothing but pure joy during that time.

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