Daniella Monet, The Former Star Of Victorious, Criticizes Nickelodeon For Allegedly Sexualizing Young Actors

The newest Nickelodeon celebrity to allege that her experience working for the kids’ network wasn’t altogether moral behind the scenes is Daniella Monet.

The actress, who performed the role of Trina Vega on Victorious from 2010 to 2013, spoke about her opinion of the difficulties young performers encounter working for Dan Schneider, the former network showrunner.

She told Insider that although her time on the show was mostly “extremely PC, hilarious, lighthearted, nice, and chill,” there were occasionally unpleasant moments. “Would I prefer that some things, like, weren’t so sexualized? Yeah. Without a doubt.”

The 33-year-old Monet cited a particular moment in which she had to eat a pickle while putting on lip gloss.
She said to Insiders that after the clip was filmed, she contacted Nickelodeon management to voice her worries that it could be inappropriate for the young series to air.

According to Monet, the network decided to run it over her objections. A request for clarification from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by representatives for Nickelodeon and Monet.

According to the allegation, Schneider, who created Victorious, frequently instructed the young Nickelodeon performers to choose the sexiest or most skimpy attire choices. This assertion was supported by Monet, who thought some of the clothing was inappropriate for specific age groups.

She continued, I wouldn’t even dress any of that today as an adult.
In a prior interview, Schneider tackled rumors that he hyper-sexualized young actors’ feet, claims that he was harsh to staff members, and his departure from the network in 2018, published by Deadline.

In a chat with The New York Times, he dismissed the accusations as ludicrous and added, “The comedy was completely benign.”

Monet also Said that Schenider, 56, was not the only person approving the decisions, even though he conceived the show and was in charge of many of them.

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