Despite Fresh Allegations, Travis Scott, Who Is Currently Dating Kylie Jenner, Has Denied Spending Time With His Purported Ex Rojean Kar

Travis Scott took up the phone to deny the allegations in response to rumors that he was seen hanging out with his alleged ex-girlfriend Rojean Kar when he was dating Kylie Jenner.

The rapper addressed the strange circumstances on his Instagram Story late Saturday in response to the Instagram model’s purported evidence that they were recently on the same set of one of his works.

While I was in charge of directing a video, he stated that an unauthorized person was taking photos on the set, even though it was meant to be closed. This individual is not familiar to me. Therefore, I have no prior experience with this individual.

After that, Scott, now 31, appears to have requested Kar directly to end the never-ending internet games and the false narrative telling. Reports of a relationship between the musician and Jenner, 25, with whom he shares two children, dating back to 2013.

Internet detective work has uncovered evidence that Scott and Kar never severed their ties completely over the years. The model dismissed rumors that she played a role in his 2019 temporary breakup with Jenner.

Then, just a few days ago, Kar published a video to her Instagram Story that appeared to show her working as a camera operator on a music video shoot set. It was possible to make out Scott in the backdrop. She wrote, “I’m directing, obviously,” at the top of the video.

When Scott released his picture from what appeared to be the same scene as the one in the previous paragraph, he may have done it unknowingly, but it seemed to verify the scenario described above.

The model responded to his denial of Kar’s accusation by reposting his remark and responding in a series of questionable videos. Initially, he had rejected Kar’s claim and even that he knew who she was.

What we’re not going to do is we’re not going lie to me. So… I pretended I didn’t know you, and I agreed to go along with whatever f-king story they were telling… she told me that it didn’t matter how much bulls–t I got out of it.


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