Do David And Victoria Beckham Really Lead Separate Lives?

Even though David and Victoria Beckham appear every bit the definition of a power couple, they’ve still had their fair share of setbacks. In 2018, some sources claimed there was trouble in paradise, resulting in the couple keeping most of their lives separate. But instead of their unusual setup keeping them further apart, it reportedly tightened their bond.

“Even when the pair are in their countryside home in Oxfordshire, England, at the same time, they can be worlds apart. The house has been designed with ‘his and hers’ wings,” a source told Us Weekly. “I think they quite like having somewhat separate lives. When you’ve been married that long, some regular distance does you both good!” The insider also insisted that it “works” for them and that, like most couples, they’re “lovey-dovey” on some days and “cold” on other days. Their common ground, though, is their children. “The kids are the common bond that will keep them united,” they dished.

While the couple never publicly confirmed that they let their lives deviate from each other, they agreed that keeping their family together is a top priority. “You know, we love our family. Everything we do revolves around our family,” Victoria said during an appearance on the “Today” show. “I think it’s just being focused, working hard [and] having a great support team around us.”

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