Drake performed with the Backstreet Boys: Together they performed one of the group’s biggest hits, ‘I Want It That Way’

The rapper shared a personal story related to the song. July 2, Drake joined the Backstreet Boys for their concert in Toronto. Together they performed one of the group’s biggest hits, “I Want It That Way.”

However, judging by the video, the rapper did not sing as much as he danced and interacted with the audience, enjoying the process. Backstreet Boys, in turn, called the rapper “the sixth member of the group.”

Drake shared a personal story related to “I Want It That Way.” He was once a clumsy teenager in love with a girl who ignored him. But everything ended well:

“At the age of 13, I celebrated a Bar Mitzvah Jewish religious coming of age. At this party, this girl came up to me and asked if I would like to dance with her.

At that moment, one of the greatest songs in the world was playing. That was the first time I felt recognition and realized that I have a chance to become cool.”

According to Variety, Drake decided to perform with the Backstreet Boys after talking to Kevin Richardson, one of the band members, during dinner. The publication was told about this by an unnamed source from a close circle of artists.

On June 17, Drake unexpectedly released Honestly, Nevermind with little to no warning and no promotion. It received warmer reviews from critics and listeners than Drake’s previous record, “Certified Lover Boy,” released in September 2021.

The Backstreet Boys’ last studio effort, “DNA,” was released in January 2019. The band is currently recording a Christmas album, A Very Backstreet Christmas, which is due out on December 2. In 2020, the unreleased song “Matches” appeared on the Web, a joint track with Britney Spears.


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