During Filming Of Fools Rush In, Salma Hayek Reportedly Asked Matthew Perry To Spoon Her A Little Bit

The former cast member of Friends, who is now 53 years old and writing his biography Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, claims that Hayek, who is 56 years old, made an unconventional idea while working together to portray lovers in the 1997 romantic comedy.

According to what Perry writes in an entry for Entertainment Weekly, the actress entered his trailer at the beginning of filming and remarked, “Let’s just spoon a little bit.”

He goes on to say that the actress did everything in her power to coax him out of his comfort zone and into the role of a leading man, rather than a comedic actor in a comedy, by using the strategy.

Perry recalls in the book that in response to her rumored suggestions of spooning, she performed her best Chandler impression, which consisted of a double take followed by a sarcastic stare, and then she answered, “Oh, okay!” Let’s spoon a little bit!

EW adds that Perry says Hayek’s lengthy ideas weren’t always helpful when shooting their scenes together, including one in which his character declares his love for hers.

According to Perry says, she recommended that rather than looking at each other, we should look out into the future that we share. After being subjected to this crap for approximately twenty minutes, I finally spoke up and told Salma, “Listen.” During this particular exchange, I said to you that I was telling you that I love you. You can look in whatever direction you like, but I will be focusing my attention on you.

Perry, who played fan favorite Chandler Bing on Friends, is getting ready to print his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, in which he describes the spectacular highs and crushing lows of his life.

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