During Her Trip With Friends, Lizzo Was Photographed On The Shore

Fans were left in awe after Lizzo flaunted her curves in a blue tie-dye bikini on Wednesday.

The 34-year-old singer of ” Truth Hurts ” revealed everything in a collection of photographs that she titled “middle of the ocean” on Instagram. One of her long strands spilled over her body as she flashed her behind in a single motion.

While posed on the sand, the Yitty shapewear designer accented the blue and white outfit with a pair of big black sunglasses. Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, rewarded fans with a video of her twerking while ashore just hours before uploading the sultry pictures.

Followers went crazy over the seductive posts that they saw during the day. Miss Lizzo My Eyes been fortunate, yelled one of her supporters. The “About Damn Time” singer has made headlines in scant swimwear before this summer.

Lizzo posed for photographs later this week wearing a celebrity-favorite Good American pink bikini, accessorizing the vibrant two-piece with pearls and Chanel tights.

The singer has spent the last several days on vacation with her close friends, enjoying the triumph of her most recent album, “Special.” Although the album has been at the top of the charts lately, its debut was difficult.

The “Juice” singer was forced to alter a line from her song “GRRRLS” back in June after mobility groups alleged she used an “ableist slur.” Lizzo quickly took the offending phrase out of the song in response to the accusations, saying she never intended to support “derogatory language.”

She uploaded a video to her grid the same day with a crazy beach vibe. Squealing and joking, she addressed the camera and stated, “I clearly recall telling my friend’s mother that I was going to major in live performances when she asked what my college major would be.

She then grinned in my direction. “Music performance?” she asked. Such as Beyoncé’s? She then grinned in my direction. I’m only going to say, “bye.”

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