Elizabeth Holmes Is Serving Her Prison Sentence Alongside Another Celebrity

Elizabeth Holmes became a celebrity in her own right after her case caused a media storm. In her tenure at Camp Bryan, she may meet and may even become friends with fellow celebrity Jen Shah, “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” alum who was a fraudster herself. Shah entered Camp Bryan in February after being convicted for spearheading a telemarketing scheme and scamming elderly folk for thousands of dollars.

Shah’s prison consultant Justin Paperny told Entertainment Tonight that there’s a huge chance tHolmes and Shah would become allies as they serve their respective sentences. “There’s a guarantee they’re going to run into one another. There’s also going to be an understanding amongst them, so for that reason, I suspect they’ll connect,” he said. “They may become friends.” Shah, who claimed to have “adjusted really well” to life behind bars, might even help Holmes acclimate to prison life just as well. “If Elizabeth chooses to adjust like Jen, I suspect they could be friends. Perhaps Jen, as I’ve encouraged her to do, could even mentor her,” Paperny added. “If Elizabeth Holmes does half as well as Jennifer Shah has, then Elizabeth Holmes’ family should be proud of her.”

If not, Holmes apparently has other options for friends. Some inmates admitted to The Wall Street Journal that they had taken a liking to Holmes and wished to know her more. “Some people are like ‘I want to be her friend’,” inmate Tasha Wade dished to the outlet. “But other people are like, ‘I can’t believe that’s all she got for taking all that money.'”

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