Ellen DeGeneres Says Goodbye To Long Time Show

Being a TV presence is never an easy job because of all the millions of people watching your every move. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most loved talk show hosts of the century. She was also one of the first TV talk show hosts to come out as a lesbian.

The talk show had its final episode recently. While the whole situation was very emotional, Ellen made sure to say in her last monologue that she first came onto this show 19 years ago. She considered the process of coming into a show like she was coming into a relationship. In her last words, she stated that this was not the end of the relationship at all. It was more of a break. While her show would not be airing anymore, everyone was free to watch other shows and Ellen claimed that she would have an audience now and then.

She was very nostalgic, talking about the show. She said that 20 years ago when she first started the show, no one thought her show would amount to anything. This wasn’t because her show was odd rather it was because Ellen was very different as a talk show host. She recalled not being able to use the word gay in any of her shows. She claimed that she would say gay at home all the time but because sexuality and gay marriage were frowned upon, she could not be herself back then.

She also spoke about how they had canceled her show during prime time because she was a lesbian. To counter, she started being a daytime show host. Ellen claims that if her show had made anyone smile then her job was done.

Her show was complimented by Stephen ‘tWich’ Boss who said that her show was not what people normally saw on Tv rather it was very different. He stated that her show was very inclusive.

Ellen also made sure to shout out to her staff as well as the executive producers. Ellen’s show was loved by many and will continue to be loved by many. Throughout her journey, she has inspired many people to be who they are.

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