Elon Musk And Natasha Bassett Split Over Businessmen’s Secret Children

The romance between 51-year-old SpaceX founder Elon Musk and 28-year-old actress Natasha Bassett ended just a few months after it began.

The initiator of the gap was Bassett – the actress, apparently, was shocked by the news about Musk’s secret children, about which he tactfully kept silent.

According to a Hollywood Life insider, Natasha left her boyfriend after it became known that he had twins from one of his employees.

Nevertheless, the actress does not hold a grudge against Musk and hopes to remain friends with him.

“Natasha learned a lot from Elon, and she is grateful for the time they spent together, as it was something very special and surreal,” said the insider.

Now the actress intends to devote herself to an acting career, which has always been her dream.

“This is her first true love. Now she has received the recognition for which she has worked so hard all her life. And she knows that she must take the next steps alone.

And she simply does not have time for external noise,” added the source.

By the way, during a short relationship with Musk, Bassett managed to meet and make friends with his mother, Maye.

Parting with the entrepreneur did not affect their friendship in any way. The insider said that Natasha loves Ilona’s mother and will definitely keep in touch with her.

In a previous post, Until recently, all attention was focused on Elon Musk’s idea of getting Twitter, as well as other business successes.

However, the next day, journalists learned that just a few months ago, his employee, Siobhan Zilis, had given birth to twins at a billionaire’s. The news caused a stir in the press, but there was no rush to i-dot the business itself.

However, until the next evening, Elon still spoke to reporters. In an interview with Page Six reporters, the businessman confirmed that he now has ten children.

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