Enjoying A Romantic Evening At The Louvre In Paris, Tom Holland And Zendaya Went On A Date

On Friday, the Spider-Man co-stars were seen in Paris, where they were seen waiting in line at the Louvre museum while holding hands. Zendaya (26) and Holland (26) wore a blouse dress and spectacles; Holland had a striped jumper tucked in and sleeves folded up.

In the days leading up to Zendaya’s birthday last month, the two were sighted together in New York City. After celebrating her birthday at New York’s MAMO restaurant on September 1, the couple was caught holding hands while out for coffee in Manhattan the following day, September 2.

The Emmy-winning actress from Euphoria celebrated her birthday by sharing a flashback photo of herself as a happy child swimming.

“I got to spend the day replying to the most lovely comments (sorry I’m a little late). Thank ya’ll for overflowing my heart with so much affection; I couldn’t be more thankful,” she wrote. To the next 26!

In an interview with GQ published in November, Holland explained why he wants to keep their relationship under wraps.

I’ve always been quite adamant about protecting my privacy, despite being open about a lot of my life. Nevertheless, we felt like our privacy had been invaded, Holland added. There’s no way I could blame unreadiness for this. Truth be told, we just didn’t feel like it.

Despite this, he nevertheless gushed about his girlfriend on the cover, calling Zendaya “important” in his life. Zendaya, for her part, acknowledged that it might be strange and intrusive when others read about their relationship.

Zendaya and I share the belief that there are times when you wish something or someone belonged to you instead of them. I believe that love is something holy and unique, something that should be shared and experienced and enjoyed only by the two people who share it.

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