Eva Mendes supports her lover Ryan Gosling

Recently, the famous actor Ryan Gosling has faced a lot of criticism. The reason for this was his work in the film “Barbie” , in which he starred with Margot Robbie and plays Ken.

After footage from the filming appeared on the Web, the actor began to be actively ridiculed.

Fans called Gosling’s transformation monstrous, and also wondered how the stylists managed to make one of the sexiest men in Hollywood look repulsive.

His beloved Eva Mendes hastened to defend Ryan, who liked his new image.

In the show The Talk, the actress said that she was so struck by the transformation of Gosling into the famous doll that she asked him if he could keep part of his costume.

“There was something in this image that awakened my teenage self in me,” the star said.

Speaking about the negative reaction of the public, Mendes noted that people should understand what character her lover is playing.

“People know he’s not playing a real person, right? He plays a fake person, ”said Eva.

The premiere of the film “Barbie” is scheduled for June 2023. The film was directed by Greta Gerwig, and her husband Noah Baumbach helped write the script.

According to the script of the picture, the Barbie doll, which lives in Barbieland, is expelled from there because it is not perfect enough. As a result, she will be forced to go in search of adventure in the real world.

Margot Robbie has long been set to play the iconic doll in the film. Back in December 2020, the actress promised to give viewers “something completely different.”

The script of the picture was repeatedly rewritten. The role of Barbie could have gone to Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway, but three years ago, Margot Robbie was finally approved for the female lead.


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