Filming For The Mad Max Film Starring Anya Taylor-Joy Is Complete

On Thursday, the 26-year-old actress celebrated the conclusion of her work on the forthcoming spinoff film Furiosa by posting three photographs to Instagram. In the movie, she portrays the role of Furiosa, which Charlize Theron originated in Mad Max: Fury Road, released in 2015. In one of the photographs, director George Miller can be seen standing next to what seems to be an airplane, while in another, she can be seen taking advantage of the warm weather and spending time outside.

She captioned the photo with the phrase “What. A. Rideeeee.” I want to extend my gratitude to the wasteland people, namely the lunatics who have accompanied me on my travels across our nation—the most resilient, the most fun, and the most skilled of the group.

It has been both a pleasure and an honor to work on this project with every one of you… I want to express my gratitude to you for helping me become more resilient than I ever imagined I could be. Guzzoline, blood, and fire were all present. Taylor- Joy finished by saying, “Furianya,” as she signed off.

The picture, set to be released in 2024, is reported to be the most expensive movie ever shot in Australia, and Chris Hemsworth is one of the project’s stars. The 39-year-old actor who plays Thor spoke with Men’s Journal not long ago about working on the film.

We are right in the middle of the action with Furiosa, and it is fantastic and so much pleasure to be here. I had just come off the tail of a few press tours and a few other films when I started working on this film, so I went into it feeling reasonably fatigued. Said George Miller is a wonderful person. He stated, “So I’m all good, it’s been a hard day, but I’m glad.”

Taylor-Joy, who will be seen in the upcoming suspense film The Menu, revealed in an interview for the Happy Sad Confused podcast in 2020 that she fell in love with Furiosa due to Charlize Theron’s portrayal of the character in the preceding film.

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