Finally, Watching ‘Friends,’ Lisa Kudrow’s Son Julian Murray Stern Made A Comment That Will Undoubtedly Make You Laugh

One of the most well-known, profitable, and well-liked sitcoms in the world is Friends. Even though the program ended in 2004, millions of fans continue to watch it and continue to reference the jokes made by their favorite characters.

There are certain people, though, who are hardly familiar with the series. Surprisingly, he is Julian Murray, the 24-year-old son of Lisa Kudrow , who portrayed one of the series’ key characters.

The actress admitted that her son has only recently had a chance to see a few Friends episodes.

“I watched the first two episodes,’ he remarked when he called to speak to me. Mom, it’s extremely wonderful. It’s a lot of fun.

On a recent broadcast of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the celebrity spoke of her son’s reaction to the show.
He later acknowledged that his mother, who played the wild singer Phoebe, was equally hilarious.

Lisa joked with feigned fury, “Never in my life have I longed to tell my son “Go to hell!”

While she was working on the show, Kudrow gave birth to her son. The actress’s pregnancy was a part of the show’s storyline. Kudrow played a surrogate mother in the fourth and fifth seasons of Friends, but she actually gave birth to the child.

Julian spent a lot of time on the set after his birth and was well-liked by the entire cast. Given that they were often together, Kudrow claimed that her son even thought of Jennifer Aniston as his mother.

He was totally fixated on Jen. He yelled, “Mommy!” while it was on TV. Lisa divulged. She was quite respectful of her son’s adoration, though, and was not envious. She remarked, “I was pleased for both of them.

After sarcastically scowling at Julian’s remarks, Kudrow requested that her son recognize how entertaining she was in her act as Phoebe Buffay.

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