For Completing TV Series Despite Major Impediments, Sylvester Stallone’s Brother Calls Him A Genuine Pro

After a protracted production that, in Sylvester Stallone ‘s opinion, was worthwhile, shooting for his next television series came to an end.

Stallone, 76, posted a video of his final day on the set of the forthcoming Paramount+ series Tulsa King to Instagram with the following caption: This production, which just came to a conclusion in Oklahoma, was incredibly long, challenging, thrilling, and mind-blowing. Working with incredible talent in front of and behind the camera made the lengthy absence worthwhile.

Frank, an actor and musician who is Stallone’s younger brother, praised him for completing the endeavor despite “difficult obstacles” in the comments area. “We are extremely proud of you; through difficult challenges, the real pros show up and deliver,” he added. #brotherhood#loyalty.

After 25 years of marriage, Jennifer Flavin , the wife of Sylvester Stallone, filed for separation on August 19. Despite the fact that we are no longer a couple, she added in a comment to PEOPLE, “I always will treasure the more than 30-year marriage that we cherished, and I believe we are both devoted to our beautiful daughters.” As we go on peacefully, I beg for confidentiality for our family.

I love my family, Stallone continued in his speech. These personal matters are being discussed personally and peacefully. Flavin, 54, alleged that marital assets had been purposefully spent down in her separation file. According to Florida law, this can include activities like extravagant spending, gambling, providing gifts, or unnecessarily borrowing money from a spouse right before a breakup.

In addition to claiming exclusive use of their $35 million Palm Beach property, Flavin is demanding that Stallone be forbidden from selling or using any of their assets while their separation is being processed.

Stallone refuted the assertion. In a suit filed, his legal staff claimed that the actor “has not participated in any activity which indicates willful dissipation, exhaustion and/or waste of joint assets” in response to her divorce petition on August 29. He also challenges her right to use the house exclusively.

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