Foxx On The Roxx BBQ Sauce

TGI Fridays is celebrating what it has dubbed the ‘Season of Saucy,’ by teaming up with iconic actor Jamie Foxx on a new Foxx on the Roxx BBQ Sauce.

The partnership between the actor and TGI Fridays centers around Jamie Foxx’s Brown Sugar Bourbon Flavored Whiskey (BSB). TGI Fridays took the smooth, slightly sweet flavors of Foxx’s BSB, and used it as the inspiration for a new BBQ sauce called Foxx On The Roxx. The new Foxx On The Roxx BBQ Sauce is used on a wide variety of saucy items, including Fridays Big Ribs, which is a full rack of double-basted pork ribs doused in BBQ sauce, as well as the Bucket of Bones, which is a shareable portion of Fridays Big Ribs and Traditional Wings coated in the same BBQ sauce. Lastly, the sauce is also featured on the Wings Roulette Platter, which allows you to mix and match three of TGI Fridays’ signature chicken wing flavors, including the new Foxx on the Roxx BBQ and two additional sauces.

Image Credit: TGI Fridays

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