Fraudster Anna Delvey created her first NFT

Socialite swindler Anna Sorokin, better known under the pseudonym Anna Delvey, presented her first NFT collection called Reinventing Anna. It is reported by WWD.

“I am very interested in blockchain technology, and my NFTs are not NFTs in the traditional sense,” the scammer said. This is not a painting I’m trying to sell. It’s a way for me to communicate with my fans.”

Some of Anna Delvey’s NFT holders will have access to her personal belongings and drawings she made during her time in prison.

Ten Gold NFT holders will have the opportunity to speak with the scammer one-on-one, and three Platinum NFT holders will have the chance to meet her in person.

Anna Delvey named her collection Reinventing Anna (“Reinventing Anna”) as a reference to the Netflix series “Inventing Anna.” By creating an NFT, the scammer wanted to tell more about herself.

“I feel like I need to be given a chance to tell my own story from my own point of view. This NFT project will hopefully be one of many,” she said.

Earlier, It was reported that the fraudster Anna Delvi announced the first solo exhibition of paintings. New York will host the first exhibition of the works of the fraudster Anna Delvey, who posed as the heiress of a large fortune and served a prison term for this. It is reported by Dazed.

While serving her prison sentence, Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokina, began painting. Now the scammer has announced the opening of the first solo exhibition of work called Allegedly at the Public Hotel in New York.

From May 19, visitors can see 20 new paintings by Delvey, which she painted while she was already re-imprisoned due to a violation of the US visa regime.

“I wanted to capture some moments of the past years, both previously unknown and iconic, using the limited tools at my disposal,” Anna Delvey said in an interview with Page Six.

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