Gigi Hadid showed another way to wear a monokini in the city

Gigi Hadid showed another way to wear a monokini in the city. While all the stars are walking the streets of Cannes, Gigi remains in New York with her daughter and is engaged in personal projects. So, the model became a guest of the party on the occasion of the launch of a new collection of swimwear, which she created with Frankies Bikinis.
Gigi Hadid has returned to the runways after taking a break from the birth of her daughter with musician Zayn Malik, and now she is once again striving to get to the top of the world’s most sought-after models. In addition, to photoshoots and participation in the show, Bella’s older sister Hadid is developing a personal brand and even acts in a new role as a designer. The celebrity has teamed up with longtime friend Frankies Bikinis brand creative director Francesca Aiello to create a swimwear collection.
At the bikini and monokini launch party, Gigi appeared in one of the novelties. The model wore a one-piece white swimsuit with a delicate blue pattern along with low-rise trousers, an extremely short shirt, from which only sleeves remained, and classic pumps and a cap. We remember the styling trick for the summer: as the celebrity showed, the monokini can play the role of a spectacular bodysuit.
In a previous post, One of the most beautiful couples in showbiz has announced the end of their relationship. The separation of 26-year-old Gigi Hadid and 28-year-old Zayn Malek occurred against the backdrop of a family scandal: the model’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, accused her daughter’s lover of domestic violence. According to her, the singer hit her when she came to their house to visit her daughter and granddaughter – Zayn and Gigi are raising one-year-old Kai, whose birthday was celebrated in September.

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