Guest In Residence, Gigi Hadid’s New Clothing Brand, Will Launch Soon

Gigi Hadid made the decision to give the alternate side of modeling a shot. This Thursday, the celebrity revealed via social media that she is leaving the catwalk and entering a design studio to establish her own knitwear line, Guest in Residence.

Hadid, 27, captioned her images of herself putting in a lot of effort, “Working on something,” while flaunting a variety of cashmere patterns and cuts, including a purple sweatshirt, a grey pajama set, and an orange cut-out jumper.

She also stated in the profile description that she now serves as the brand’s creative director in addition to being a well-known model.

Fans can sign up for brand updates even though the collection’s price range and release date have not yet been disclosed.

Hailey Bieber said that she was pleased about this, while Bella’s sister backed Gigi, saying that this is what we have all been waiting for.

Gigi’s friends and supporters have already shown their support for her in the comments. Ashley Park, a friend of Hadid’s, even stated in a letter that she has always preferred Hadid’s design work to her modeling work.

Additionally, Frankies Bikinis stated in the caption of an Instagram post announcing the partnership that the collection was “based in friendship and inspired by Gigi’s carefree days at her family’s gorgeous countryside house, filled with sentiment and nostalgia.”

Aiello also lauded her friend’s astute fashion sense in the press release, saying, “Gigi is someone that is so wonderful and so motivating to me.

Her amazing personality traits—creativity, hard work, kindness, and love combined with our strong friendship were what made this series so much fun to both develop and photograph.

We’ve known each other since before we ever believed dreams like this could come true, Hadid said, adding that this collection was made with “Friends and heart” and is a “unique full circle moment.”

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