In A Recent Business Meeting, Kanye West Reportedly Played A Pornographic Movie For A Group Of Officials From Adidas

Kanye West recently played a pornographic film for surprised Adidas officials during a business meeting, which many of them found to be extremely unusual.

The five-person get-together was captured on camera and released to YouTube on Sunday as part of a thirty-minute video titled LAST WEEK. From the looks of the fisheye lens footage, West and his two agents sat in a semicircle with the two Adidas executives. Except for West’s, all of the other actors’ faces were obscured.

The 45-year-old rapper-turned-fashion-designer started the meeting by holding his phone horizontally in front of the businesspeople while a video played. After a few moments, one of the guys asked, “Is this a porn movie?” West responded affirmatively, “Yeah.”

Christ on a roll, they let one of them out. However, the Yeezy creator persisted in keeping his phone quite close to their faces despite their protests. I mean, seriously. One of the guys shouted, “Come on,” as he took West’s arm and phone away from him.

Apparently, the X-rated movie was supposed to be a metaphor for West’s relationship with the sportswear firm that produces and distributes his multibillion-dollar Yeezy brand. I’m only going to work with Adidas if he’s the CEO, West remarked, indicating a member of his staff.

He continued that you’ve harmed the firm, the enterprise, and the partnership. The premise of the film is that the male cheated, prompting the girl to say, “Well then, I’m going to do the thing that’s your biggest nightmare.”

He addressed the executives directly and declared, “This is your greatest nightmare.” The thought of me hurting you is not your biggest nightmare. What you fear most is not me performing a pornographic routine. My screams are not what you’d fear the most. The work is complete.

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