In A Recent Interview, Kid Cudi Confessed He Experienced A Stroke While Receiving Treatment

The rapper disclosed in a conversation with Esquire that in 2016, two weeks after entering treatment for drug dependence and depression, he experienced a stroke.

The 38-year-old told the source that “everything was f—ked” and that he needed to be admitted to the hospital since the stroke had affected his speech and mobility.

When Cudi went to the Broadway musical “Lobby Hero” for an audition with Michael Cera, he felt as though he had made progress in his months of physical therapy.

The role finally went to another actor, but the “Mr. Rager” rapper had to remember a lot of dialogue for it. Cudi nevertheless felt satisfied with his own performance. “I showed myself I was capable of doing it. At the moment, I needed that,” he told the publication. “I felt joy. Like, my brain is still functional. I gained nothing from whatever s—t that occurred.

The “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper talked openly about his ongoing battle with ex-friend Kayne West in the same conversation. The “Donda” rapper should “be a grown man,” according to Cudi, and sign Kim Kardashian’s divorce petition.

“If you can’t cope with the fact that you lost your lady as a grown man? That is not my concern, f—king. Like every male in this world, you need to own up to your s—t, he added, adding, “I’ve also lost ladies.
The conflict between the two began last year when Cudi’s close friend and entertainer Pete Davidson began dating Kardashian.

West ultimately decided to remove the rapper, whose true name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, from his “Donda 2” album because of their strong connection.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper claims the decision “pissed him off” and that it would take a “motherf—king miracle” for the two of them to mend their friendship after it had such a negative impact on his psychological health.

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