In A Recent Interview, Wynonna Judd Revealed That The Loss Of Her Mother, Naomi Judd, Has Left Her With A Great Deal Of Anger

Wynonna Judd has acknowledged that she holds a great deal of resentment toward her late mother, Naomi Judd because she committed suicide.

Wynonna expressed her grief at the passing of her country music star mother to CBS Sunday Morning in her first interview since Naomi’s death in April. Naomi took her own life at 76, and Wynonna’s mother was a country music icon.

Wynonna, 58, remembered to journalist Lee Cowan that she “received the call,” “went over,” “saw her,” and “said goodbye to her at the hospital.” She then went on to explain that she was “mad” by her mother’s decision. Wynonna’s mother had decided to end her own life.

I then gave her a kiss on the forehead; it was the last thing I did to her. The next thing I remember, I’m sitting on this porch on the side of the house, trying to work out what’s going to happen next.

Wynonna said, “I did not realize that she was at the place she was at when she terminated it.” This was due to the fact that she had previously experienced episodes, but she had subsequently improved. And that is the reality that I live in, constantly asking myself, “Was there anything that I should have looked for, or should I have known?” I didn’t.

Wynonna responded to Cowan, “No, I don’t think so, not for a long,” in response to the specific question of whether or not the sensation of rage ever goes away.

Wynonna mentioned that she can still sense her mother’s presence, even though it has been several months since her mother was discovered comatose on April 30.

I feel her nudging me. And at times, I find myself laughing. And there are times when I find myself expressing how much I miss you. Why aren’t you here so that we can have our argument? Wynonna stated.

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