In A Recent Lawsuit, Comedians Aries Spears And Tiffany Haddish Are Charged With Sexually Molesting Youngsters

In a recent lawsuit, comedians Aries Spears and Tiffany Haddish are charged with sexually molesting youngsters.
According to a recent complaint acquired by Page Six, Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are charged with pressuring a 14-year-old girl and her 7-year-old sibling into filming sexual acts by seducing them.

The siblings, listed in the court documents as Jane Doe, now 22, and John Doe, now 14, are suing the entertainers. Both individually and on behalf of her younger brother, John, for whom Jane is the court-appointed guardian, she is the plaintiff in the case.

Their mother claims that she and 42-year-old Haddish connected through humor and became friends while going through their respective divorces.

The mother revealed to The Daily Beast—the first publication to break the news—that we both were undergoing a divorce. Divorces that are “messy,” “messy,” “messy,” Recently, we came incredibly, incredibly, incredibly close.
Every Christmas and birthday, the lawsuit claims, Haddish called the family.

The “Girls Trip” actress made a special appearance at a summer camp Jane, then 14, attended in 2013, in the same year Haddish separated from William Stewart after five years together.

Around that time, Haddish reportedly informed Jane that she had found the young woman the ideal character in her very own advertisement. The lawsuit claims that Haddish and Spears, both 47, knew the overall plan of the shoot while neither Jane nor her mother was aware of the specifics. According to the allegation, Haddish gave Jane $100 before leaving her home.

Jane admitted to The Daily Beast that she first kept her mother in the dark about the alleged assault. She claimed that I kept my strange feelings to myself and didn’t tell anyone else about them.

A year later, Haddish reportedly contacted the mother of the children to inform her that she was looking to cast the younger brother, John, in a Nickelodeon promo video.

According to the lawsuit, Haddish and Spears sexually harassed the young child while recording Through a Pedophile’s Eyes, a horrific video that was later released on Funny Or Die and other internet platforms.

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