In An Emotional Video, Tom Cruise Pays Tribute To The Life Of The Late Attorney Bert Fields

Tom Cruise remembers his late attorney and longtime friend Bert Fields, for whom he is really glad to have had the opportunity to get to know him.

The memorial service for Fields was held on October 2 at Broad Stage in Santa Monica. TMZ received a video in which Cruise appeared in a tribute to Fields. The publication of the two-minute footage takes place exactly two months after the passing of the 93-year-old attorney who passed away at his home in Malibu.

The video message began with Cruise reminiscing about the first time he met Fields, which took place in London in 1989. When the actor sat down to a “beautiful supper” with Dustin Hoffman before the premiere of Rain Man, he had recently wrapped up filming Born on the Fourth of July.

And I’m seated next to this truly remarkable individual. I had a vague idea of who he was, but that was about it. We did nothing but sit there, and I had the entire evening to talk to him. Cruise noted that the individual was the fascinating person he had ever encountered. We talked about the past and the stories that have been passed down. He let me know that he was a writer. I apologized but asked who he was and who he knew, and he responded by saying that he was Dustin’s lawyer. I said I want you to be my lawyer. Can you be my lawyer, please? And with that, he responded, “Absolutely.”

According to Cruise, from that point on, the fantastic buddies embarked on several adventures together over their many years. He recalled Fields as someone he knew he could always trust.

According to Cruise, “I believe we all know how valuable it is in this society when someone says they’re going to do something, and they do it.” [Cruise’s] comment was made in the context of a conversation on how important it is for people to That was Bert, to conclude. Simply said, I can’t thank him enough.

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