In Her Remarks, Khloé Kardashian Mentioned The Boy She Had With Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian discussed her kid with Tristan Thompson for the first time since it was revealed that he was born via surrogate.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” actress, 38, described her daughter True, 4, and her newborn boy in an Elle story that was released on Tuesday. “Being capable of shaping tiny people into really great big people is an honor and a blessing,” she said.

She admitted that she loved everything, even the challenging aspects of motherhood. Although it’s quite frightful, I take my work very seriously.

Given how easily accessible children are today and how much info they are introduced to at such a young age, we must take those duties seriously.

One month before the reality star, 38, learned that the sportsman, 31, had an affair with Maralee Nichols and fathered a baby called Theo, Kardashian, and Thompson delivered their son through surrogacy in November 2021.
While Kardashian hid the information about her growing family, it was revealed on July 13 that she had a son.

According to her agent, Khloé is very appreciative of the incredible surrogate for such a lovely surprise, Page Six said at the time. In order for Khloé to concentrate on her family, we kindly request that you respect your privacy.

The pair were already expecting a child when the controversy broke, the insider continued, adding that they had not reconciled. Khloé simply said, “I’m going to perform it by myself,” at that point.

Kardashian and Thompson’s turbulent affair has been shaken by many infidelity rumors ever since they started dating in 2016. The author of “Strong Looks Better Naked” made it clear after Thompson’s paternity crisis last year that the NBA player is “not the person for” her.

In a conversation with Robin Roberts in April, she recalled feeling “very safe in the beginning, and I felt pretty fantastic for a period.”

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