In Paris Romantic Honeymoon Of Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez ‘s covert Las Vegas wedding became public knowledge. The stars reportedly planned to wed in a month, yet there was no extravagant party or celebration. They claim that Jennifer and Ben will host a gathering at the actor’s estate for all of their friends and family.

The newlyweds landed in Paris the day prior, where they are currently spending their honeymoon. The celebrities were photographed by photographers on July 22 as they entered the hip Manko restaurant for a romantic evening.

The singer wore a flowy maxi dress in black. The outfit was finished off with a little handbag that matched it and translucent high-heeled sandals. The main accents of the bow were a gold pendant, many enormous bracelets, and congo earrings.

The actor opted for a low-key look, donning a traditional white shirt and dark pants.

With their three daughters from prior unions—Violet, Serafina, and Emma—Jennifer and Ben traveled to the city of lovers.

The youngest of the actor’s daughters went for a more youthful style by donning polo pants and a jacket, while the oldest looked charming in a floral outfit. Emma Lopez, the daughter of Lopez, decided to wear leggings that she tucked into a graphic top. The girls appear to get along well based on their cheerful looks.

Remember that Affleck and Lopez started dating in 2001, and soon after, the actor proposed to the singer. One of the most stunning couples of the decade, celebrities, unexpectedly split up a few days before their wedding. Jennifer Lopez has been wearing some absolutely lovely outfits during their post-wedding trip.

She looked stunning in this white linen dress from Reformation, gold aviator sunglasses, and brown sandals as they sailed down the Seine.

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck stepped out of the Hôtel de Crillon on July 23, all eyes were on them. Also, we’re totally smitten with Lopez’s ethereal pink dress! She had a flawless sense of style the entire time they were on their honeymoon.

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