In Reference To Her Weird Fake Orgasm Recordings, Scarlett Johansson Claims That Joaquin Phoenix Ran Away

Johansson, a 37-year-old Academy Award contender, stated during the 500th episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast on Monday that scenes had to be redone because her costar had already finished filming the entire movie before she took over Samantha Morton’s voice role.

To paraphrase what she stated, “recording sex episodes between the AI Playing Samantha, who loves for Phoenix’s Theodore Twombly, was one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever had to do, and Phoenix, who is 47 years old, expressed discomfort during recording sessions with Jonze, who is 52.

Johansson warned you would not like to hear what a false orgasmic scream sounds like. That day, she recalled, we walked in. I’ve evolved into “that actor” who relishes a chance to get down and dirty on set. Unless I do, I’ll be too scared to do anything else. We try to go through one take with Joaquin, and he loses it. ‘I can’t do it,’ he said.

Like, he was mad… So now we were in this strange theater, and I was in this box, and he was staring at me, the lights were dim, and Spike was there… He had previously [filmed the scenario], had done it in person, and now he was with me. And it was so odd, Johansson went on to say.

It was OK with me. Joaquin, on the other hand, was not, and he was upset about it, she said. Now that he’s gone, I’m stuck in the studio alone, and I realize I’m helpless. If he could return, it would be great. He went outside for a bit but returned in because he felt he needed to.

Despite the challenges of the recording sessions, Johansson, Jonze, and Phoenix were rewarded for their efforts. With a budget of only $23 million, She grossed $48 million worldwide. It also won the Oscar for Best Screenplay at the 86th Academy Awards and was nominated for four others.

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