Influencer-Collaborated QSR Menus : hot ones menu

Shake Shack announced its latest limited-time-only menu, the ‘Hot Ones Menu.’ This menu was designed in collaboration with ‘First We Feast,’ the YouTube group most known for its ‘Hot Ones’ series. Hot Ones is a series where various internet and television celebrities try incredibly spicy foods while talking and answering interview questions, simultaneously reacting to the hot foods.

Therefore, the Shake Shack menu encapsulates this same spicy flavor in its menu items. The limited-time menu features the ‘Hot Ones Burger,’ ‘Hot Ones Chicken,’ ‘Hot Ones Cheese Fries,’ and the ‘Hot Ones Bacon Cheese Fries.’ In addition to each of these extra-hot food items, Shake Shack is selling ‘The Last Dab: Apollo’ sauce packets for a limited time. This sauce is made with out of hybrid peppers bred from some of the hottest peppers in the world, meaning it is only for the most daring consumers.

Image Credit: Shake Shack

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