Internet users were surprised that Adele is a little tired from regular exercise and strict diets

After her divorce from her husband Simon Konecki , singer Adele decided to seriously take up her form.

In various interviews, the star admitted that parting with her husband was a real test for her, and sports, proper nutrition, and self-care helped to distract from experiences and develop healthy habits.

As a result, Adele lost 40 kilograms. Fans, at one point, even began to worry that the celebrity would not be able to stop in time.

Adele told the publication she had “no diet,” but the star was linked to the short food craze in 2020.

The Cereal Food Diet includes nutritious foods that increase a protein called serotonin, including berries, red wine, and dark chocolate.

However, judging by the new footage that appeared on the Web not so long ago, the fans worried in vain. The other day, Adele, along with her new lover Rich Paul, attended the wedding of friends basketball player Kevin Love and his chosen one, Kate Bock.

In one of the pictures that appeared on social networks after the celebration, the singer posed with Rich, as well as LeBron James and his wife, Savannah.

Naturally, all the attention of Internet users was focused on Adele. She, as usual, chose an extremely elegant black dress. An outfit with complex drapery hid most of the star’s figure. However, this did not stop the fans.

They considered that the figure of Adele had changed markedly. This became clear thanks to a slightly rounded face. “Has she really started gaining weight again?”, “

It seems to me that when Adele is doing well in her personal life, she stops actively playing sports and just enjoys it,”

“And I’m glad that Adele has recovered a little. It seems to me that she looks more feminine and attractive this way,” Internet users responded in the comments.


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