It’s Not Evident What The Facial Tattoo On Cardi B’s Jawline Says

The “Bodak Yellow” singer can be spotted getting some art applied to her jawline in a video that tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos shared on Instagram on Sunday. In the video, Cardi hides her face as Santos draws messages to it with crimson ink.

Fans responded to the article in a variety of ways. One wrote, “OMG, not a smart choice… I adore Cardi. B, believe me when I say that your attractiveness isn’t diminished by your face. Others supported Cardi’s choice, with one adding, “Her body her choice y’all bumming and what she doesn’t even touch your daily existence.”

Cardi’s new facial tattoo was visible in a selfie uploaded by a fan account, but neither she nor Santos have provided a close-up of the artwork or explained what it means.

Cardi, 29, did inform her followers back in January that she was thinking about getting her baby. Wave ‘s name is tattooed on her face, but neither of the letters next to her chin seem to be a “W.”

Oddly enough, I’m 1% away from tattooing my son’s name on my face. I want to do it so badly! When she posted at the time, she also mentioned that she intended to have a tattoo on her jaw.

The rapper already has numerous tattoos honoring her loved ones; in February, she and her husband Offset flaunted similar hand inks of their wedding date that they had actually engraved on one another for a “Cardi Tries” episode.
On his own chin, the Migos artist has the initials of the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Kulture.

In a previous post, At an extravagant party, Cardi B dressed her daughter Kulture in similar mermaid outfits to honor her fourth birthday.

The 29-year-old rapper posted party pictures on Instagram on Sunday with “I have your back, your front, your sides.” “BIG 4.


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