James Corden Takes Up Positions At the White House And Works With Joe Biden

In the current times, the White House could use a lift in the mood, and the Late Late Show host, James Corden arrived at the White House to do just that.

In a hilarious comedic bit, James Corden filled in the positions of several White House staff members and performed their duties in a less than serious manner. Or replace less than serious with, a hilarious manner.

James Corden also had several scenes during the bit with none other than the President of the United States, Joe Biden . Joe Biden isn’t really one for an amazing comedic improv performance, but he did manage to get one amazing burn in towards the former president, Donald Trump.

In one particular scene, where Corden is filling in as personal assistant to Joe Biden, the President shows him his collection of Moon rocks. Corden hilariously encourages the President to put the collection on sale on E Bay, claiming that the President could make a lot of money from it. Corden then proceeds to take a quick gander at the rest of the office and quips, “A lot of this stuff, worth a lot of money.”

In response to this, Joe Biden quickly says, “You’re getting me mixed up with the last president,” getting a huge laughing response from the audience viewing the scene.

There were several other highlights from the segment worth noticing, including one where Corden eats soft-serve directly from the White House machine. James also speaks to the press and of course, has a hilarious press conference.

In a hilarious and perhaps a little controversial statement, Corden makes a little dig about the economy to former Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

One or another, perhaps the White House could use a man like James Corden on the job.

The trend of late-night comedy show hosts visiting the White House and making hilarious segments has been kept up by James Corden nicely. These hilarious moments from the late late show host become even more worthy of cherishing as he has announced that this will be his last year as host.


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