Jennifer Lopez Brought Their Children To A Broadway Performance Before Flying To Georgia For Her And Ben Affleck’s Wedding Festivities

We’re informed that the celebrity, who is remarrying Ben Affleck on Saturday, made a scene when she showed up more than 20 minutes late for a Broadway performance of “Into the Woods.”

The “Jenny from the Block” diva arrived wearing “eye-catching” pink and purple sequins, along with children (a “combination of her own and Affleck’s,” according to a spy.

Page Six was informed by another spectator that “everyone in the audience turned to watch,” with the addition that “everyone but Patti LuPone [sitting three rows in the front], who seems very militantly uninterested by the show.”

The insider said that Lopez became engrossed in the show despite her delay. Even to ballads, she “continued dancing in her seat and cheering enthusiastically with her palms raised.”

Security led her and her family into a waiting Sprinter van after the performance. She came out of the van’s door and blew kisses to the adoring crowd before driving away.

Hillary Clinton, Nathan Lane, Jason Mraz, Tim Federle, Beanie Feldstein, Rachel Brosnahan, Scarlett Johansson, and Colin Jost were among the other A-listers who have recently been spotted at “Into the Woods.” Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were so enamored with the production that they later sent flowers to the theatre.

One month after exchanging vows in Las Vegas, Lopez and Ben Affleck are holding a lavish marriage ceremony this weekend, according to Page Six.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place on Saturday, followed by a BBQ and picnic on Sunday, capping off the three-day “intimate celebration for family and friends.” This weekend, the pair will celebrate their marriage, and from what we’ve heard, it will be a wedding celebration worthy of Vogue.

“J.Lo will take center stage. Ben wants her to be the center of attention on their special day.

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