Jonathan Lipnicki Details Why He Left Acting After Stuart Little

Being a child actor in Hollywood is a tough task and almost every celebrity who has gone through it tells a tale of tough time they have gone through in the years after their stint as a child actor. One particular actor who has recently come forward with his tale is Jonathan Lipnicki who starred in the 1999 classic, Stuart Little.
Jonathan was already famous prior to the release of Stuart Little due to his performance in Jerry Maguire which was praised all around. After he appeared in Stuart Little, people were so impressed with his work that everybody assumed Jonathan would be a hit in the future.
However, following the success of Stuart Little, Jonathan slowly disappeared almost completely from the limelight. People assumed many reasons for his disappearance but after many years, Jonathan has recently come clean about his hiatus from acting, addressing all the rumors regarding his disappearance and outlining the actual reason why he left the world of lights.
Jonathan revealed this information while speaking to SlashFilms in the following words:
“The biggest transition for me was…I didn’t work for a long time. And people always frame that as, ‘Oh, I went to high school,’ and whatnot. And that’s the story that people tell sometimes when they don’t work. Or if they’re a child actor or whatever, they took time off. I did take time off, in the sense that it wasn’t the only priority I had. But I didn’t work because I just didn’t work. I didn’t really get any roles for a while. I’m honest about that. And it was because [I] wasn’t a very good actor at one point. Because the great thing about being young, a kid, is there’s this nice inherent childlike wonder. And that’s why a lot of kids you see are quite talented. And filters come in, and you become nervous…or the world comes into play. And so for me, I went from just doing the natural thing to trying to be like my favorite actors.”
This revelation is pretty inline with the revelation almost of all adult actors who were once child stars in Hollywood.

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